Wholesale Banknotes

Wholesale Banknotes

The seamless movement of cash, providing logistics to meet your needs

When you partner with us, you will have access to more than 80 currencies through our global supply chain. Reliability, security and efficiency underpin the wholesale banknote solutions we can provide for your business.

Processing approximately

Dealing & Logistics

Through our global network and access to all major wholesale banknote markets, our dealers provide you with competitive rates and attractive settlement terms.

Trading desks
Trading desks on


Our experience is nothing without strong relationships. That’s why we partner with leading airlines and security partners, ensuring fast, reliable delivery every time.

Cash processing centre
Cash processing centres

Cash Processing

Balancing security with efficiency, our wholesale banknote business is fulfilled by 18 multi-currency cash processing centres globally. Each one is continuously monitored, managed and updated to follow industry best practice and global standards of excellence.


Compliance is an integral part of any financial transaction and it’s something we prioritise. Our dedicated Global Compliance Banknotes team works in close partnership with Central Banks and regulators to ensure our operations are always up to date. Our Anti-Money Laundering programme is designed to ensure compliance with regulations, avoid involvement in illegal activities and protect the Travelex name, reputation and security status.

Our customers

What some of our customer say

Bank Respublika,

“During the period of cooperation the company has recommended itself as a reliable partner, thanks to quality of service, efficiency and customized approach.

Our common job has included transactions in different currencies in both directions. Employees of Travelex could execute all of our requests at the highest level. Now we are sure in our choice and believe in long term business relationships with Travelex.”

Tier A bank Tbilisi,

“Travelex is a customer oriented company, which is always ready to meet the needs and requirements of its counterparties. Travelex is permanently looking for new business opportunities and we often receive proposals and business solutions that offer to enhance our mutually beneficial cooperation.”

A Pan African
Banking Group

“Travelex has given us great service across our African operations. The testament to their consistent performance is the lack of issues that we have needed to address during our years of partnership. Travelex are highly professional and thorough in all engagements, and we are confident of their continued support of our business going forward.”

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